Blog #9: The Importance of Citizenship

Oh citizenship…I can’t say I can recall too much of citizenship – based assignments or activities in elementary, aside from two particular events. The first, was putting on a carnival of sorts and each game/food station costed a dollar or two, and all the money went to a charity of sorts (it was a ton of fun I ran a milkshake shack!).

The second experience was simply receiving the citizenship award in grade 8, though I was never really sure that I did anything in particular to receive it! I suppose it could have been because when I participated in extra curricular and SRC, etc; it made me a kind of citizen – likely just a participatory citizen. We also did the classic bring a can or two for the food bank, but there was always something we’d get in return like candy, or a movie day. In high school, we did even less based on my memory – again unless we got something in return!

So we were never really doing it cause we wanted too, we did it because we got something out of it in return. I guess what I am trying to say is, we should be encouraging students to want to make change, rather than having to bribe them to do so. We are the ones who should be bringing up topics that encourage students to think about what is happening in our world and why. We must create critical thinkers that want to create change simple because it is right, rather than because they get candy out of it. So then the next question is, how do we do that? I think it is so important to really explain why we are doing fundraisers and the background behind them rather than majorly concerning of the fun part that comes with it.

Looks like we have some brainstorming to do!

Peace and love,

Miss Mac


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